Saturday, May 2, 2009

Honesty Challenge Day Two: Lies so far: 1

A few months ago I was visiting my parents and they introduced me to the show Lie To Me. If you haven't seen it, it's a show about reading people's faces to see if they're lying. There is a character on the show that practices 'radical honesty.' He tells the full truth, regardless of how embarrassing or inconvenient it might be. I want to do that...well, without the social suicide aspect.

Of course, I'm off to a pathetic start. After work tonight my friends wanted to go to someone's house to hang out and have dinner. I didn't want to go. My coworker had been grouchy (as is normal these days) and I didn't feel like hanging out with her after taking her crap all day. So instead of saying that I didn't want to go, I told them that the boyfriend was working and therefore I couldn't go. (Then I texted the boy to make sure he didn't show up and ruin my lie.)

I didn't have to go with my friends, but I should have told them the truth. Instead, not only did I lie, but I dragged the boyfriend down with me. Sigh.

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